Powdered Laundry Products

Optix HP
Better technology in a highly efficient package equals one clean shot!
A cutting-edge powder detergent featuring significant enzymes..
StarPower Detergent
An enzyme-based, low alkaline powder detergent with..
An economical all-in-one powder laundry detergent designed for..
Silver Satin 2+
Our classic and highly effective system for Maximum Control..
Total Detergent
A safe and revolutionary product that emulsifies soils more..
Benefit Detergent
Benefit is a highly alkaline, low cost powder detergent..
Bright Line Alkali Powder
A heavy duty laundry builder with applications in many soil classifications..
Bright Line Oxygen Bleach
Excellent color-safe powder destainer in smaller 25 lb. pail..
Magic Economy Bleach
A concentrated and stable chlorine-based powder destainer..
Blue Star Sour
Blue Star is a mild, yet very effective neutralizer to..
Finale Sour
A cost-effective and concentrated powder souring agent..
Finale R
An economical powdered neutralizer that also removes iron..
Victory Concentrated
Athletic Detergent with color-safe bleach.
Powdered Laundry Products