Specialty Products

Optix HP
Better technology in a highly efficient package equals one clean shot!
A cutting-edge powder detergent featuring significant enzymes..
Victory Concentrated
Athletic Detergent with color-safe bleach.
Liberate Micro Odor Blaster
Formulated and powered by exclusive Molecular Intelligent Technology™
An advanced sanitizer for today's needs!
Silver Satin 2+
Double-Concentrated for Advanced Stain Removal and Max Brightness.
Bright Line Oxygen Bleach
Excellent color-safe powder destainer in smaller 25 lb. pail..
Collars & Cuffs
An all purpose concentrated laundry spotter that eliminates..
EZ Off
The Industry leading non-abrasive gel for safely removing starch..
Hot Metal Cleaner
Industrial strength gel / paste for extra cleaning power..
Athletic Cleaning Kit
Professional Grade. Athletic Uniform Cleaning Kit
Specialty Products

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